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1 . How do I become a VATUSA Air Traffic Controller? How do I rejoin if I've been away?

If you are a member of the North America region but wish to transfer to the VATUSA division from VATCAN, VATCAR or VATMEX then open a new ticket.

If you are a member of another region (example: South America, Europe, etc), you'll need to submit a change region request with VATSIM here.

VATUSA members wishing to begin their ATC training/certification (or rejoin after more than 6 months inactive):

  1. Click on the "Join Us" link in the navigation bar and follow the instructions (which are reproduced below for your convenience).
  2. Complete the Block 1: Basic ATC/S1 Computer Based Training (CBT).  The material can be found under My VATUSA > Computer Based Training (CBT).
  3. Pass the VATUSA Basic ATC Examination with a score of 80% or better. The exam is open book, and the training material is the same Basic ATC/S1 training material studied in the previous step.  Remember that examinations are open book and there is a 7 day waiting period for re-study if you do not pass so you are strongly encouraged to read the material in advance and refer to it during the exam. To request the exam, select My VATUSA > Request Basic ATC Exam.  In the event of an exam failure, reexaminations will be automatically assigned after the waiting period has expired.
  4. Upon successful completion of the Basic ATC Exam, a "Join Facility" link will be presented for initial facility selections. Those who are reactivation will see a "Transfer Request" link. Both of these links will be under My VATUSA.
    • If initial join, you will receive a welcome email upon facility selection. These usually include instructions on what to do next. You may receive subsequent follow ups once they have added you to their facility website. If you do not hear anything within a few days, please open a ticket with your facility.
    • If rejoining the division, you will receive a Welcome email once your transfer request has been approved.

Inactive Members wishing to rejoin and/or select a facility (absence 6 months or less):

  1. Submit a transfer request at My VATUSA > Transfer Request.

Important Notes

  • If your VATSIM membership has lapsed, you will need to reactivate your VATSIM membership before you can reactivate your membership with VATUSA. You can do so here.
  • It can take up to 24 hours for new, reactivated, or transfers to be processed and sent to VATUSA through server synchronization. Synchronizations occur at midnight and noon US Central time. Based on the information above, please do not submit membership tickets within 24 hours of joining VATSIM or reactivating VATSIM membership complaining that VATUSA doesn't recognize you as a member and/or allow you to initiate the New ATC or Rejoin process.... ;)

2 . How do I change my region? How do I change my division?

Members wishing to transfer to a different region should complete the form available here.

Members wishing to remain in the VATSIM North American region but change divisions, you'll need to submit a request to the Division Director.

After the transfer is approved, it can take up to 24 hours to be processed.


VATSIM Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy

VATNA Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy

VATUSA Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy

3 . How do I change my name or email address?

VATUSA cannot maintain VATSIM user records to do this for you.  Please head over to VATSIM's Membership page.

4 . I forgot my password, now what??

VATUSA doesn't handle or use passwords.  We use VATSIM's login method so you'll use your VATSIM password.  If you forgot this password, you'll need to get assistance for your password from VATSIM's Membership Department.

5 . I am a controller from a different Division and/or Region, but would like to become a visiting controller in VATUSA. How do I get started?

Excellent; we'd love to have you.  Please contact the facility you would like to become a visiting controller at.  It's suggested that you check out their website to learn the facility's requirements, and then apply with the facility.

Most facilities will assign exams, to be able to take exams all you need to do is click the "Login" link in the navbar and this will create a VATUSA account for you.

Welcome to VATUSA!

6 . Why does VATSIM have a 90-day waiting period and 50 hour consolidation requirement between transfers?

A significant effort is expended by our volunteer facility staff members every time a member joins a facility and/or earns a new rating. In the past, people have abused the significant investment of time from these volunteer staff members by transferring before "paying back" the facility for their investment.  The VATSIM Transfer Policy attempts to prevent such abuse.

7 . Why can I not put in a transfer request?

Transfer requests are restricted by division policy until you meet eligibility requirements.  A checklist can be found on your My VATUSA Profile that will tell you the reason you are not eligible to transfer.

8 . I put in a transfer request, but wish to cancel it. What do I do?

If the transfer request has not been approved already, you should submit a ticket to the facility you submitted your transfer request to requesting it be canceled.

If the transfer request has been approved, you would need to wait 90 days before being able to transfer again as indicated by our division policy.

Data Services

1 . I noticed an error on the VATUSA website or a missing feature, who do I contact?

You can submit that by submitting a ticket.  Submit it to the "ZHQ" facility.

2 . I noticed an error on my facility's website. Who should I contact?

Each facility manages its own web services and has their own webstaff.  Shoot them an email and let them know.  You can email them by shooting an email to (facility identifier, ie ZNY)  For example, to email ZNY's webmaster, email, for HCF's,  You can also submit a ticket to that facility for resolution.


1 . When attempting to take the Basic/S1 exam, I am told I haven't completed the CBT Requirements.

Effective January, 2017, members are required to have completed the Basic/S1 CBT Block prior to being able to take the Basic ATC/S1 exam.  This requirement is to ensure members have learned the information necessary to be successful in their training and/or ensuring they are aware of fundamental changes that may have occurred since they were last enrolled as a VATUSA Student/Controller.  The Join instructions have been updated to reflect this as well, to aid members in getting started.

To complete the CBTs, click "My VATUSA" and then "Computer Based Training (CBT)" or go to

2 . I failed an open book VATUSA Exam. When can I re-take the exam, and what is the minimum passing score?

The waiting period for retests of failed VATUSA open book examinations (Basic ATC, S1, S2, S3) is 3 days, to allow you a chance to study the material you missed .  At least an 80% score is required to pass.  The VATUSA exams are automatically reassigned; an email notification of the reassignment goes out when the exam is available.

3 . I noticed an error in my facility's exam or training material. Who do I contact?

You should contact your instructor or Training Administrator.  You can either email then, or submit a ticket to that facility.

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