ACE Team

What is the ACE Team?

The VATUSA Advanced Controller for Events (ACE) Team is a group of highly skilled advanced controllers who have volunteered to make themselves available for assisting USA Facilities with event staffing. Each member represents the best of VATUSA controlling ability and are exceptional controllers. Facilities in need of the ACE Team should contact VATUSA5 to schedule the team for an event.

CID Name Rating
839039 Kyle Weber C3
844751 Andrew Doubleday I1
863645 Matthew Bartels C3
876594 Daniel Hawton SUP
878508 Dhruv Kalra SUP
942264 Timothy Boger I1
1035677 Don Desfosse SUP
1053581 Rick Rump I1
1067681 Kenneth Haught SUP
1100092 Ira Robinson SUP
1104849 Ryan Geckler C3
1161267 Dimitri Trofimuk I1
1173559 Chris Bright SUP
1181029 Brandon Barrett I1
1196485 che jackson C1
1198462 Shane VanHoven I1
1206822 Bradley Tice I3
1220951 Jay Taylor C1
1223529 Christos Kokkinomagoulos C1
1266509 Brayden Manzella SUP
1283146 Krikor Hajian I3