ACE Team

What is the ACE Team?

The VATUSA Advanced Controller for Events (ACE) Team is a group of highly skilled advanced controllers who have volunteered to make themselves available for assisting USA Facilities with event staffing. Each member represents the best of VATUSA controlling ability and are exceptional controllers. Facilities in need of the ACE Team should utilize the VATUSA Discord #aceteam-requests channel or contact the VATUSA Events Manager (VATUSA5) to schedule the team for an event.

CID Name Rating
878508 Dhruv Kalra SUP
880199 Anthony Santanastaso I1
973741 Ethan Hawes C3
1035677 Don Desfosse ADM
1083692 Erik Quinn C3
1088010 Kyle Perry I3
1100087 Gene Cao C1
1140959 Ian Fisher I3
1190916 Austin Wilkins SUP
1240191 Daniel Everman I1
1246756 Ayler Cruz I3
1252585 David Epstein C1
1258309 Steven Cho C1
1259390 Zhenhao Yang C3
1272367 Max Weldon C1
1281052 Umar Ashraf C3
1299085 Gia Pham C1
1299667 Clay Brock I1
1308953 Derek Troy C1
1315134 Zackaria Bomenir C1
1327540 Chris Raabe SUP
1328578 Patrick Gligo C3
1331271 Joshua Seagrave C3
1354520 Brin Brody I3
1363244 Lance Harry I1
1371112 Shane O'Neill C3
1374485 Ashar Hussain C3
1377169 Jaden Herman I1
1380876 Raphael Weiner C1
1382032 Evan Bradley SUP
1385367 Rowan Young C1
1386905 Eli Snowden C1
1394476 Brandon Wening I1
1421634 Ross Berry C1
1425472 Andreas Tzemenakis C1
1426527 Cameron Peterson SUP
1436006 Joseph Kaiser C1
1453923 Ben Lindsey C1
1458784 Oliver Thomas I1
1459055 Aidan Deschene C1
1459978 Jack Clark C1
1462073 Austin Jenkins C1
1464080 Colton Albonetti I1
1484728 Eric Steiner SUP
1488970 Daniel Moreno I1
1504110 Adam Veall I3